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Kakei Shun
The Tea Master
In the end, I was scared off by my dreams to include the whole team in the eyeglass adventure.  However, I don't know how, but Mizumachi kept on insisting that Onishi had to go, and so of course Ohira tags along and somehow Kobanzame-senpai was there too.  We managed not to break anything, but I will need a long nap to get rid of this headache...
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Without thinking, I declared that the team will accompany Mizumachi to buy a pair of glasses after the weekly trip to the public bath house.  I accidently got knocked out at practice today and hallucinated Ohira and Onishi as Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum, Kobanzame-senpai as Pinocchio, Mizumachi as a mermaid, five killer whales that knew sign language, and me dressed in a toga as we embarked on our mission... I am more than slightly worried about this now.
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I spent the last week or so tutoring Otohime since she had a big math exam.  Unfortunately, I had to teach her everything so it cut into my training time.  I'll have to up the regiment to compensate.  She wasn't kidding when she said she needed help  Mizumachi was in a sullen mood when we first got back, but I think he's ok now since he started pulling pranks again.  Onishi's really pissed off about the glasses incident and probably will be for a while.  It must be traumatizing to walk into the ladies room...  Ohira is enjoying the whole charade a little too much to be considered normal.

In conclusion, I think the Poseidon team is functioning rather well.
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Mizumachi dragged me to the Zokugaku vs. Deimon game recently and was in for quite a shock.  I hadn't known what to expect, but then I saw him, the Deimon "ace", Eyeshield 21.  Apparently from Notre Dame in America.  All I know is... THAT. IS. A. TOTAL. LIE!

I remember encountering the real Eyeshield 21 in America.  Hell, he inspired me to take up football again.  And he did not look like a scrawny wimp.  Yes, he was fast like the real Eyeshield, but Deimon's Eyeshield didn't even have the build of an athlete or amazing technique.  What in the world are they doing, claiming an impostor as their ace?

Whoever the hell you are, I'll show you what it means to have the name Eyeshield 21.

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Life has been hectic, so I regret not posting more often.  I really enjoyed the last stretch of the camp that I attended.  I got to see players from other high schools and get autographs of some of the pros that were in attendance.  I feel like I've missed out on so much, so I've upped my personal training regiment and have been reading up on the high school football league.  I often come back home, do homework, and pass out soon afterwards.

Mizumachi is still a fool as ever, but he got Miyo-chan back and has been on cloud nine since then (I swear she's tainted with demonic powers now).  Onishi is currently very, very blind and quite irate.  Ohira is laughing like a monkey over it.  Yesterday, Kobanzame-senpai talked in a string of doubtful questions and statements for ten minutes when he was trying to explain to a girl in his grade as to why amefuto is the best sport ever.  I'm serious, the whole football team was watching from a distance and timing it.  I don't know what's more amazing: that the girl (who was quite cute) actually looked interested for those 10 minutes, uninterrupted him for 10 minutes, or that Kobanzame-senpai could talk himself in circles for 10 minutes.  Either way, we were impressed.

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...so here I am at the camp.  Despite my mother's protest for me attending it, she seems to have cooled down and realized she was being a bit harsh.  I woke up to find a note on the dining table saying that she was accompanying dad on his business trip and to "have fun".  In an envelope was the ticket to Kyoto.  Thanks mom.

Took a bit of time with the administration, but after the traveling and arguing, here I am enrolled for the remainder of the amefuto camp.  I have no idea what's going on, nor can I find my teammates, but I assume I'll find them eventually.

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Today was slightly different.  Apparently, the cheerleaders had a short practice today, so Otohime and Urashima visited the team during our practice and hung out.  After, I made some tea and Kobanzame-senpai, Ohira, and I conversed with the girls.  Urashima gave me some tips on musle training that I wasn't aware of, so that was very nice of her.  I suggested that if they wanted to bond more as cheerleaders that going to the public bath like we do would be a good group activity.  Otohime seemed to be pretty happy with that.  She then started asking questions about Mizumachi for some reason.  Apparently telling her how much he can bench press isn't as good as knowing what his favorite color is.  I don't understand girls.

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Life's has been considerably more quiet for this week since both Mizumachi and Onishi are attending the amefuto camp. No one's yelling at Mizumachi to put his clothes back on, and even Ohira seems to have lost his fighting edge without Onishi (though he still calls my attention at every chance he can). That also means two less people to calm down Kobanzame-senpai when he starts talking in circles and twiddling his thumbs. I really wish I could have gone, but as my mother said, "You're a student before a football player, young man" and left no room for discussion. At least I was in America before and can help run practice with the rest of the team. I can't wait to find out what they learned from the coaches when they do come back.

Well, I also have more free time this week. Mizumachi and Onishi have been bugging me about this Livejournal thing, so I figured why not start one since practice ends earlier than usual (since we actually do the drills instead of getting distracted) and I finished my homework. I'm quite surprised to see how many people of the high school football circle have this. At least we'll be more informed about what's going on in the league.

The one highlight in this week so far is the package I received from one of my buddies from America. He was nice enough to send me a bottle of Jack Daniels, so I think I'm going to head off and take a swig of that.


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